Giro di Viso

Monviso is the highest mountain in Piemonte in Italy with 3840m in height. The so-called ‘Giro di Viso’ (sth like ‘tour around Monviso’) is a trekking tour around it.

There are some different routes of the Giro di Viso with different lengths, we chose a 4 days trek with around 40km and 3000 vertical meters. We started at 2000m above sea level and our highest point was at almost 3000m.

The conditions could have been better photography-wise but I don’t want to complain. Because otherwise the landscape was absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed those 4 days in nature without any internet connection. And the best thing about sleeping in huts in the mountains: I can just step out of the door at sunrise and sunset without having to arrive at a location. Blue hour surrounded by those high mountains with the moon out – pure bliss.

And the cherry on the cake: some wildlife and low-hanging clouds/fog playing peekabo with the mountains.


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