Shelter Collection


Re-launched on May 01, 2022, with 12 instead of 22 pieces.

Encountering shelters when roaming the outdoors always left me fascinated by the story they inherit within themselves and their surroundings. The story of being able, as humans, to survive in the roughest environments. The story of cozy nights inside, sheltered from the storm outside. The story of triumphs and hardships. The story of needing what is just necessary. But also the story of our urge to tame nature.

Shelter is a 12-pieces collection of 1/1 photographs portraying 11 different shelters in Iceland, Austria, Italy, and Scotland. All Photographs are taken and processed by me. There are no composites or photo collages, some pictures have been retouched. All shelters are real and can be visited.

The first collector receives the owned picture additionally as a print. After the collection is sold out, three more collectors will receive their owned pictures as prints.

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