Iceland Stories #1 – Getting Started

It’s been a couple of months since I went to Iceland and it’s time to start sharing some stories. 

Let’s get started!

I was thinking quite a lot about how I want to share some more about this trip. I promised to post a diary and that’s what I will do eventually, but I won’t make detailed descriptions of every day. Instead, I will post pictures of every day and additionally focus on a few stories. The reason is simple: not every day something amazing happened and I want to make this as interesting as possible.

The first story I want to tell is actually of the first day. Our trip almost ended before it started: at the airport. Of course we checked all entry regulations 100 times before starting our trip, yet the not-so-friendly lady at check-in told us that our rapid tests were not sufficient to enter Iceland. We would have needed PCR tests. After 5 minutes of talking to her, assuring her that we checked that for fully vaccinated persons like us, a rapid test was sufficient, she looked again and luckily found the right information, too, and let us check-in.

While traveling in these times is already stressful with all regulations at all, I was really baffled in a negative way how people whose job depends on people traveling can be so unfriendly and insensitive towards travelers. I can understand that they can’t know all regulations by heart and might have difficulties finding the right information directly but just telling us to go away was really rude.

Anyway, after this little struggle at check-in, everything went well. So here are some pictures of the first day. I hope you’ll enjoy!




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