Iceland Stories #2 – The Haunted Hut

When I traveled to Iceland last year, I spent a night in this remote hut in the Highlands – which is supposedly haunted. The hut could actually be reached by car, it was a very slow and bumpy ride, though. The next town was good 2-3 hours away. In the distance behind the hut, there was a huge glacier, which descended into a glacial lake.


If this setting doesn’t spark a ghostly feeling in itself already, there is more: Supposedly, a young female is often seen at the hut. Apparently, especially male guests complained about disturbances at night, especially in one of the beds. However, I can’t confirm these stories. But I didn’t sleep in this particular bed, too.

You’re wondering which perks the hut came with? Well, for starters, the outside bathroom was around 200m away from the hut. So not only because of the ghost, I did not go to the toilet at night.


Otherwise, there was a small but well-equipped kitchen. And besides (haunted) bunk beds on the ground floor, there were mattresses on the first floor, on which we slept. And of course a pretty nice view!



Even though staying at this hut was cold, I really enjoyed the stay. Definitely one of my best memories of our trip to Iceland!

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