Take me to Church

Built in the 13th century. Abandoned for 200 years. Restored in the 19th century and inhabited since then by the religious order of the Rosminians until now.⁠


Okay, you caught me, I found out all of that afterward. But I think this fits very well with the atmosphere of this abbey. Must have been spooky in those abandoned 200 years! Anyway, I was on holiday in Italy in the first week of January. I didn’t do much photography but this place was on my list for a while. The sunset was decent and I quite liked the snow on the mountains in the background. Could have even been a bit more for my taste. But even though there was not so much snow, waiting for sunset was still damn freezing! To get moving, I shot a bit of the view in the other direction, too. 

In the end, I was quite happy with the shots I got. Would love any kind of feedback in the comments! Cheers 😊

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