Iceland Stories #4 – A Hike with(out) a View

One of the longest hikes I did in Iceland was supposed to offer a view into two glacial valleys with a waterfall coming down a cliff in one of them. Well, didn’t happen.

When we started the hike, the sky was overcast but the view was really good. We hiked up a mountain between the two valleys. On the way up, there was already a great view into one of the valleys and its massive glacier. Unfortunately, lower clouds or fog was then rolling in from the valley up the mountain.

In the beginning, the fog added a nice atmosphere. But in the end, when we reached the top of the mountain, we were in a complete whiteout and the view into the second valley with the waterfall was blocked. And because that’s how Iceland works, it started to rain on our way down and we got completely soaked. Of course, I didn’t get the shots I aimed to get at this hike but I was left with some moody shots of the cloudy mountains I was quite happy about.

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