Iceland Stories #5 – Hearing the Ice Melt

There are many glaciers in Iceland but they are not spared from the climate crisis, too. And they make you aware of it.

One of the hikes I did was leading to a massive gorge surrounded by ice and a waterfall coming down. The dimensions of this place were gigantic. I never saw that much ice in one place in my life before. The distressing part was, that I could hear the ice melting. Maybe once every 5-10 minutes, there was a loud crack and sometimes we even saw a part of the ice falling down the cliff. It is visible left of the waterfall in the first picture below.

And that is not surprising given that it was mid of September and there were up to 20°C (68° F). Of course, all of this is only anecdotal. Unfortunately, it fits the big picture. And, it is not big news. However, hearing and seeing it with my own eyes was very different than reading about places far away. It made the scope of the climate crisis more graspable. It showed what is at stake. What we need to protect.

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