Iceland Stories #7 – The Westfjords

About a quiet night in the remote Westfjords of Iceland.

The Westfjords of Iceland are a little populated vast area. And on top of that, it takes a lot of time to drive through them because there are not many bridges connecting the fjords. Instead, you have to drive into the fjords on one side and out on the other side to get across a fjord most of the time. This is part of the experience though and only increases the time you spent with those vistas of rugged mountains directly at the sea.


Unfortunately, wild camping in Iceland is forbidden for a couple of years now. Good tourists that we are, we were always looking for campsites to spend the night. In the Westfjords, we had one on the list that was located at a dead-end at the end of a Fjord and we thought it would be a nice experience to stay there. However, when we reached the campsite, it was closed. Apparently, that campsite is only open for 1.5 months per year and we were already out of that period. And as the next campsite was on the other side of the Fjord and it would have taken us quite a long time to get there, we decided to spend the night there anyway. And what can I say – it was a great experience because there was really no one around and besides a few houses and a little church, there was nothing around but Fjords and the sea.


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