Iceland Stories #8 – The 2nd Chance at Fagradalsfjall

This is the last Iceland Story about how we got a second chance at Fagradalsfjall, the volcano that erupted throughout – almost – all of last year in Iceland.

You might have heard about the eruption of the Volcano Fagradalsfjall in Iceland last year, which started in early 2021 and was literally going on for months. Well, guess what, it stopped being active in the week before we flew to Iceland. And while we of course didn’t go mainly to see the Volcano, it was quite a bummer. We paid the volcano site a visit anyway at the start of our trip but there was no lava.



It was still cool, but you know, lava is way cooler. Luckily, the volcano is literally half an hour away from the airport. Since Iceland is a rather round Iceland, that means that we could just do our trip along the ring road and pay the volcano a visit again. And this is what we did – and the volcano started to be active again for real.



Of course, there have been many way better pictures of the eruption and mine are not that special from a photographic perspective. But seeing an erupting volcano with my own eyes is something I consider very special. Sounds cliché but it was a “once in a lifetime”-moment for me.

I hope you enjoyed this series of Iceland Stories. It took me longer to write them down and publish them than I thought – almost one year passed and the next longer travel is coming up. So I’m not sure how to handle this in the future because it was really hard for me to find the time for it in my everyday life. Still, I enjoyed sharing these stories and this format feels better to me than sharing them while I’m traveling via Instagram Stories I do with my phone.

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