Insight – 360° Timelapse of Northern Italy

Insight is a 360° timelapse of Northern Italy in 8k resolution by Philipp Kosicki and me, which we did back in 2016 – and why I like to repost older projects or pictures every now and then.

The Project

Insight is a 360° timelapse video of cities and landscapes in Northern Italy like Grödner Joch, Lago di Garda, Venice and Milan. What a 360° timelapse is? Well, it means that we shot timelapses not only into one direction but into all directions surrounding the cameras, producing a 360° view. This makes the timelapse especially suitable to watch with VR glasses but you can enjoy all angles on the phone or computer, too.

We used three Canon 5D Mark III DSLRs with Canon EF 8-15mm 1:4 L Fisheye USM lenses sponsored by Canon. We mounted them on a custom built tripod plate so they show towards all directions. As the lenses cover an angle of 180°, three cameras gave us enough overlap to stich the images together in the post production. 

We edited the timelapse footage using LRTimelapse, who also sponsored our project. If you’re interested in further information on the making of, feel free to check out the project website.

Three cameras arranged in a 120° angle to cover 360° timelapse

Our camera setup: three 5D Mark III DSLRs mounted on a selfmade plate to capture 360°.

Reposting older Projects

One of the reasons why I like to repost older projects every now and then is that since 2016 more people became interested in my work and might not have seen this project yet – especially since it’s not on a YouTube account directly linked with mine. And I think the content of this project is still interesting, relevant and I simply like the project and want to show it. 

When it comes to older pictures that I’m reposting on Instagram or on my website gallery every once in a while, this applies as well. But even more, my editing skills improved and when reposting I have the chance to make an older picture appear very different than before. 

Eventually, reposting gives me the possibility to reminisce about often times great experiences – just like it was an amazing (but nevertheless stressful) trip when we shot Insight and traveled all around Northern Italy in just five days. 

Last but not least

The music in Insight is also composed and produced by myself. If you liked it and want to hear more, feel free to check out my contribution to the Westworld Scoring Competition and the blog post I wrote about it.

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